O.g.S ™ Solar-Generator

O.g.S ™  Solar-Generator



O.g.S -SG-1

SG-1 Solar Generator Modified SineWave

Emergency power for TVs, DSTV Decoders, M-Net Decoders, Lights, Alarm Systems, Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, DeskJet Printers, Radios, Hi-Fi Systems, Security Systems, Cash Registers, PABX systems, modems, hubs, routers and more…

The SG-1 Solar Generator is a unique portable power back-up system designed for basically any situation when you don’t have power. Just about any type of load can be connected to the SG-1 Solar Generator as long as it is within the power rating indicated.

The unit can be operated in any position as it has a fully sealed internal battery.

This system can supply emergency power to businesses, shopping centres, offices, homes, weekend getaways and camping and, in contrast to a noisy generator, offers many fantastic features such as:

 Fully portable trolley design
 Silent Operation
 No Petrol or Diesel required
 Basically Maintenance free
 Very fast smooth automatic change over in <10mSec
 Inverter can start without power available
 Powerful Output 1500VA / 1000W max.
 Fully sealed AGM, Gel, deep-cycle, long life 8-10 year battery
 AC output via multi socket extension
 Resettable output circuit breaker
 Excellent output regulation
 Suitable for solar application with external regulator
 Excellent protection features
 LED status indicators Power on, Charger on, Inverter On
 Charge and battery status LED indicator
 Emergency LED lights will switch on automatically
 2 x USB power points, recharging peripherals in emergencies
 3 stage powerful fully automatic PWM battery charger

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